RIJA FASHIONS has been providing a gradual increase in the the GDP of the country. It is renouned for its ability to produce a large amount of garments porduction with multiple desings and products .The Manging director of the comany Mr IQBAL AYUB has been awarded by the the chamber of comerce the businnessman of the year award .Through the great expreince and large amount of production which is taking place in the factories is remarkable.The chamber of commerce has awarded the MD with an gold medal for the outstanding progress of the company.this was awared by the prime minister of pakistan at goverment house by MR Galani.This progess is been hounorable by the chamber of commerce,Not only this in recent dayd the manging director MR iqbal ayub has been awarded a certified shield by Raja Pervez Ashraf the debuty prime minister of Pakistan.IT has been awarded because of the growing ability of the company since year 2000 .

These are the awards the company earned


Due to the current progress of the company has reached to the top 5 exports of garments in pakistan .The company is gaining maximum profits through its production line.

The manging director of Rija fashions MR IQBAL AYUB has earned a medal by chamber of commerce in the year 2008 - 2009.


The shield which has been awarded by the debuty prime minister to MR Iqbal ayub the managing director.

This award was given at lahore to Mr Iqbal Ayub by the deputy prime minster for the year 2012.








The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.

by SHABAB (adminstator)

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.

Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. If you aren't sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better.